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Comments - If I Were King: Making Java Web Start Stronger and Ready for Prime Time

Web Start 2.0 Wish List - Demand More

Give away your perls of wisdom and let Sun know how to make Web Start stronger and ready for prime time. Send your items and comments to the lopica-talk mailinglist (Subscribe/Unsubscribe) and I will add them to the Web Start 2.0 wish list.

June, 12th, 2003 - Request for Socket Sandbox Service

What: Web Start is missing a SocketService that works the same way the PersistenceService, PrintService, ClipboardService, etc. work.

Why: There is a clear need to interoperate with and leverage existing corporate services. Currently secure Java applications (unsigned) are unable to interoperate with existing corporate services solely because of a lack of a SocketService. Examples of Java's inability to interoperate: 1. Web Services (SOAP) 2. WebDAV 3. Access to financial systems (ACCPAC, QuickBooks, etc... which use TCP/XML to communicate)

- Mark Swanson

Lobby Sun and vote for Bug #4876235: [RFE] SocketService at Sun's Bug Parade

October, 26th, 2002 - To Sandbox or Not To Sandbox

I'm currently strongly in favor of creating Web Start apps that do not enable all-permissions. I think it's better to use the Web Start services to read/write to disk, print, access the clipboard, etc. I wrote a small HTML document that explains the reasons.

- Mark Swanson

June, 12th, 2002 - Make the Command Line Work

Making the command line work is important for deployment of applications. No command line makes me think I am working on a Mac 9. Web Start is cool stuff but I am amazed how Web Start could have been be released without providing the basic command line support. Or does Sun want us to use their application manager only?

- Zahid Patel

May, 22nd, 2002 - Suprit Chaudhary

Web Start should not depend on browers for launching. It should have a command line as well as a location text field like browers have to launch the .jnlp file from Web Start itself. It looks very bad just to launch .jnlp we need browser support.

- Suprit Chaudhary (http://www.eurologic.com third-party link)

December, 21st, 2001 - Nick Gusev

What if I have more than one host for the same app (mirrors, etc.)? I don't want to have two (or more) instances of the sampe app. Right now it is inevitable.

- Nick Gusev (http://www.RadiSys.com third-party link)

August, 21st, 2001 - Christopher Burkey

Another feature that should be added (if its not already there) is:

  1. API to launch the default browser on a machine and access the DOM tree.
  2. Able to cache other resources (XML, properties, etc.) other than just jar files.

- Christopher Burkey (http://einnovation.com third-party link)

August, 10th, 2001 - Mike Rarick

Here are the features I'd like to see added to Web Start:

- Mike Rarick

August, 7th, 2001 - Dale King - Wish List

The two things on my wish list are:

- Dale King

July, 25th, 2001 - Joe Walp

I'm soliciting comments on the feasability of using the cache management of Web Start (bundled with the latest HotSpot VM) to provide a minimal JRE installation and incremental upgrades for multiple JRE versions. In other words, this variant of Web Start would bootstrap the JRE installation and maintain multiple partial JRE class libraries for bandwidth-constrained users.

A good forum for such discussion is a related RFE (bugid:4267080) third-party link.

- Joe Walp

Lobby Sun and vote for Bug #4267080: [RFE] custom JRE installer geared towards the clients at Sun's Bug Parade

July, 12th, 2001 - John Munsch - While I support your petition in theory I don't in practice...

While I too think that Java Web Start is about the neatest thing since sliced bread (which is why I used it for my own application, HotSheet) I don't agree with many of the items you've picked to change.

The cache API is an excellent idea and I support that, but the command line (?!?) and DLL sharing are not my highest priorities. Way, way above that would be:

So to my way of thinking the solution wouldn't be for me to have a list of favorite items and try to get people to petition for that, it would be to get everybody suggesting ideas on what is most important for the next release. When we have a good set we vote on what is most important and petition for that. Who knows, somebody might have much better improvement ideas than either of us.

- John Munsch (http://www.johnmunsch.com third-party link)

July, 12th, 2001 - Jean-Baptiste Bugeaud - Petition

About your petition i agree that there are lots of things that should be done:

- Jean-Baptiste Bugeaud (http://www.up2go.net third-party link)

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