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Describes the application in a single line, in a paragraph or in a couple of words for a tooltip.

Only one description of each kind can be specified. A description without a kind is used as a default description. Thus, if Web Start needs a description of kind short, and it can't be found in the jnlp file, then the default description's text is used instead.

All descriptions contain plain text only. No formatting such as HTML tags is supported.


kind=one-line|short|tooltip, optional
Indicates the use of a description element. i) one-line, for a one-line description, ii) short, for a one paragraph description, and iii) tooltip, for a tool-tip description. Longer descriptions should be put on a separate web page and referred to using the homepage element.

Appears In



<description>A user-friendly tool to help you package, sign and 
     publish JNLP software.</description>

<description>jDiskReport - A Graphical Disk Report Utility</description>
<description kind="short">jDiskReport enables you to understand how much 
     space the directories and files consume on your hard disks.</description>
<description kind="tooltip">jDiskReport 1.0</description>


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