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Tag Groups

Root Tags

Tag Description
jnlp The jnlp file's one and only root .

Top Level Structural Tags

Tag Description
applet-desc [ param ] Describes how to startup a Java applet. Contains information about main class, parameters, size and more.
application-desc [ argument ] Describes how to startup a Java application. Contains information about the main class and arguments.
component-desc Specifies a component extension.
information Contains various descriptive information about the application such as title, vendor and homepage.
installer-desc Specifies an installer extension.
resources Contains an ordered set of resources that make up an application.
security Describes the application's security requirements.

Information Tags

Tag Description
description Describes the application in a single line, in a paragraph or in a couple of words for a tooltip.
homepage Contains a web address to the application's homepage.
icon Describes an icon/image for the application.
offline-allowed Indicates if the application can be started offline (that is, without a connection to the originating server).
vendor Contains the vendor's name.
title Contains the application's name.

Resources Tags

Tag Description
extension [ ext-download ] Describes a component or installer extension that is required to run the app.
j2se Describes a supported JRE version that the application can run on.
jar Describes a jar file.
nativelib Describes a jar containing native libraries (e.g. .dll, .so).
package Defines a relationship between a Java package or class name and a part.
property Describes a name/value pair that is available to the application as a system property.

Security Tags

Tag Description
all-permissions Indicates that the application needs full access to the local system and network.
j2ee-application-client-permissions Indicates that the application needs the set of permissions defined for J2EE client apps.


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