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Contains various descriptive information about the application such as title, vendor and homepage.


locale=locale , optional
Specifies the locale for which this information section should be used. Locales describe a specific geographic, political, or cultural region in the format below:
language [ _COUNTRY [ _VARIANT ]]
The language is specified using two-letter, lowercase ISO-639 language codes and the optional country is specified using two-letter, uppercase ISO-3166 country codes. The variant is currently used to support the Euro currency using EURO. See Locale Codes for different predefined language-country-variant combinations.


title ?, vendor ?, homepage ?, description *, icon *, offline-allowed ?

Appears In



  <title>Venus Application Publisher</title>
  <vendor>Gerald Bauer</vendor>
  <homepage href=""/>
  <description>A user-friendly tool to help you package, sign and 
      publish JNLP software.</description>
  <icon href="vamp.gif"/>
  <offline-allowed />

  <title>jDiskReport 1.0</title>
  <vendor>Karsten Lentzsch</vendor>
  <homepage href="" />

  <description>jDiskReport - A Graphical Disk Report Utility</description>
  <description kind="short">jDiskReport enables you to understand how much 
      space the directories and files consume on your hard disks.</description>
  <description kind="tooltip">jDiskReport 1.0</description>

  <icon href="icon32x32.gif" width="32" height="32" />
  <offline-allowed />


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