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Describes an icon/image that represents the application. Web Start uses the icons during startup in the download progress popup, for desktop shortcuts and in the Web Start application manager. 64x64 icons are shown in the download progress popup and 32x32 icons are used for desktop icons and in the Web Start app manager. Web Start automatically resizes icons with other dimensions.


href=url , required
Contains a URL to a web location containing an image or an icon. Only JPEG and GIF graphic formats are supported.
version=version , optional
Specifies the version of the image.
width=pixels , optional
Describes the width of the icon in pixels.
height=pixels , optional
Describes the height of the icon in pixels.
kind=default|selected|disabled|rollover, optional
Describes the use of the icon. Default value is default.
depth=number , optional
Describes the color depth of the image in bits-per-pixel. Common values are 8, 16, or 24.
size=bytes , optional
Specifies the size of the image in bytes.

Appears In



<icon href="vamp.gif"/>

<icon href="smartcvs64x64.gif" width="64" height="64"/>
<icon href="smartcvs32x32.gif" width="32" height="32"/>


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