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Describes a jar file that is part of the app's classpath.


href=url , required
Specifies the location of the jar.
version=version , optional
Describes the version of the jar.
main=true|false, optional
Indicates if the jar contains the main class. Default value is false. Note, that the jar containing the main class must be the first jar listed in the resources section.
download=eager|lazy, optional
Indicates if the jar must be downloaded before an application is launched (eager), or not (lazy). Default value is eager.
size=bytes , optional
Specifies the size of a jar in bytes.
part=name , optional
Describes the name of the group the jar belongs to.

Appears In



<jar href="lib/venus.jar" />

<jar href="lib/mypackage.jar" download="lazy"/>
<jar href="lib/mailicep.jar" main="true" part="plexmailer" download="eager"/>

<jar href="oracle.jdbc.jar" part="oracle"/>
<jar href="sybase.jdbc.jar" part="sybase"/>
<jar href="skinlf.jar" download="lazy" part="skinlf"/>


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