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Contains an ordered set of resources that make up an application.


os=os , optional
Specifies for which operating system resources section applies. Values are valid as long as they match the values returned by the system properties Values that only match the beginning of are also valid (e.g. if you specify Windows and the is Windows 98, for example, everything works out fine). See os and arch Codes for os values for various operating systems. Note, that a space that is part of the key must be preceded with a backslash (\). For example, Windows\ 95 Window \98 specifies Windows 95 and Windows 98.
arch=arch , optional
Specifies for what processor architecture resources section applies. Values are valid as long as they match the values returned by the system properties os.arch. See os and arch Codes for arch values for various architectures.
locale=locale , optional
Specifies for which locales resources section applies. Locales describe a specific geographic, political, or cultural region in the format below:
language [ _COUNTRY [ _VARIANT ]]
The language is specified using two-letter, lowercase ISO-639 language codes and the optional country is specified using two-letter, uppercase ISO-3166 country codes. The variant is currently used to support the Euro currency using EURO. See Locale Codes for different predefined language-country-variant combinations.


( j2se | jar | nativelib | extension | property | package )*

Appears In

jnlp or j2se


  <j2se version="1.3+" />
  <jar  href="jdiskreport.jar" />

  <j2se version="1.3+" initial-heap-size="32m" max-heap-size="128m"/>
  <jar href="lib/mypackage.jar" download="lazy"/>
  <jar href="lib/mailicep.jar" main="true" part="plexmailer" download="eager"/>
  <extension name="SUN Crypto jar files" href="plexmailer_sun_crypto.jnlp"/>
  <extension name="SUN JSEE (SSL) files" href="plexmailer_sun_jsse.jnlp"/>
  <extension name="SUN LDAP files"       href="plexmailer_sun_ldap.jnlp"/>
  <extension name="SUN Mail jar files"   href="plexmailer_sun_mail.jnlp"/>
  <extension name="Apache jar files"     href="plexmailer_apache.jnlp"/>
  <extension name="Misc jar files"       href="plexmailer_3rd.jnlp"/>
  <package name="com.plexobject.*" part="plexmailer" recursive="true"/>

<resources os="Windows">
  <nativelib href="lib/mousewheel.dll.jar"/>


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