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Describes a jar containing native libraries (e.g. .dll, .so).

All native libraries must be stored in the jar's root directory (that is, /) and follow the proper platform-specific naming convention (that is, *.dll on Windows and lib*.so on Linux/Solaris).

Native libraries are typically included in a resources section that applies to a particular operating system or processor architecture only.

Note, that your are responsible to load the native libaries in your app yourself using calls to System.loadLibrary (e.g. System.loadLibrary( "j3daudio" )). You also need to figure out the right loading order to avoid dependency conflicts. Note, also that you need to drop the native lib's file ending in the System.loadLibrary call.


href=url , required
Specifies the location of the jar containing native libraries.
version=version , optional
Describes the version of the jar containing native libraries.
download=eager|lazy, optional
Indicates if native libraries must be downloaded before application is launched (eager), or not (lazy). Default value is eager.
size=bytes , optional
Specifies the size of the jar containing native libraries.
part=name , optional
Describes the name of the part the native libraries belong to.

Appears In



<nativelib href="lib/mousewheel.dll.jar"/>


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