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The jnlp file's one and only root.


spec=version , optional
Specifies what versions of the jnlp spec a jnlp file works with. The default value is 1.0+. Thus, you can typically leave it out.
version=version , optional
Specifies the version of the application as well as the version of the jnlp file itself.
codebase=url , optional
Specifies the codebase for the application. Codebase is also used as base URL for all relative URLs in href attributes.
href=url , optional
Contains the location of the jnlp file as a URL. If you leave out the href attribute, Web Start will disable the update check on your JNLP file, and Web Start will not treat each new JNLP file as an application update - only updated jar files will. Leaving out href usually makes only sense if your jnlp file is created dynamically (that is, throug a cgi-script, for example) and if your jnlp file's arguments or properties change from request to request (user to user).
Note, that Java Web Start needs href to list your app in the Web Start Application Manager.


information +, security ?, resources *, ( application-desc | applet-desc | component-desc | installer-desc )


<jnlp codebase=""
      href="jdiskreport.jnlp" >

<jnlp spec="1.0+"
      codebase="file:///c:/sandbox/venus/startup" >

<jnlp spec="1.0+"


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